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    Start discussion between designers, sales and clients in order to understand clients'needs and to work out the most economical plan.
    Quotation will be given after fine tune for 1st design.
    After confirmation of the design and quotation from you, SANDA team is going to go through all the operation details for production.
    A SANDA supervisor will be responsible for coordinating the operation team to ensure that everything is well prepared before move-in. And he/she will be the one to do on-site supervisor during exhibition period and move-out.
    SANDA offers hign-quality services in order to keep longterm relationship with our clients. Your feedback is highly appreciated for our further improvement.

    Are you looking for an effective and efficient partner who can provide one-stop services in your local and oversea business?

    Are you looking for a person who is able to take care of all the procedures when your company is intended to take part in an exhibition?

    Do you want to get advice from an exhibition specialist while presenting your corporate image or product concept to potential customers?

    Do you want to outstand your exhibition stand among all other exhibitors?